Hemp Hydraulic Precision Four Column Press

The hemp hydraulic precision four-column press is applicable for cutting of various nonmetal materials by die cutter.Such as Bonded Fabric,Natural Hemp Cotton Fabric,Yarn Dyed Hemp Cotton Fabric and so on.

Hemp Hydraulic  Precision Four Column Press

Hemp Hydraulic Precision Four Column Press

1.The automatic lubricating system can supply oil to all sliding parts of the die cutting machine. So that reducing wear and prolonging the machine’s use life.
2.The microcomputer controls the hemp hydraulic  cutting machine, so that operation is simple,easy,prompt and accurate.
3.You can set the cutting depth,and adjust the travel, it’s so easy to operate.
4.High speed, low consumption, no noise, high quality.
5.Hemp hydrauli   four column die cutting machine of special specification can be customized.
Model GRB-25/30/40/50 GRB-60/80/100 GRB-120/150/200 GRB-300/400/500
Maximum cutting power(KN/TONS) 25/30/40/50Tons 60/80/100Tons 120/150/200Tons 300/400/500Tons
Cutting Table (1250-2500)×(500-1500mm) (1250-2500)×(500-1500mm) (1250-2500)×(500-1500mm) (1600-2500)×(500-1500mm)
Max.Stroke(mm) 250mm 250mm 250mm 250mm
Motor Power(KW/HP) 2.2-4KW 5.5-7.5KW 11KW 22KW
Machine Size(mm) 2200×2700×1300mm 2300×2800×1300mm 2500×3100×1500mm 2500×3100×1500mm
Weight(kg) 1600kg-3300kg 4300kg-7600kg 9500kg-13000kg 15000kg-33000kg


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