Lederhosen Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine

The Gerson machinery is applicable to die cutting operation of various nonmetal slices materials by die cutter.

Lederhosen Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine

Lederhosen Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine

1.The customers needn’t worry about the problem of possible oil leakage of the machine.
2.The main machine adopts four-column guiding, double-crank balancing and hydraulic driving, so that can ensure the operation speed and accuracy of die cutting of machine.
3.All sliding parts are lubricated with oils supplied by the hydraulic system guarantees machines precision and prolongs service life of machine.
4.The lederhosen precision four column die cutting machine has two automatic feeding modes ,Single-side or double-side automatic feeding modes. You can chose the mode which you need. To enhance the production efficiency and save time.
5.The automatic lubricating system can guarantee the operation speed ,and reduce wear of the lederhosen hydraulic die cutting machine.
Model GRB-25/30/40/50 GRB-60/80/100 GRB-120/150/200 GRB-300/400/500
Maximum cutting power(KN/TONS) 25/30/40/50Tons 60/80/100Tons 120/150/200Tons 300/400/500Tons
Cutting Table (1250-2500)×(500-1500mm) (1250-2500)×(500-1500mm) (1250-2500)×(500-1500mm) (1600-2500)×(500-1500mm)
Max.Stroke(mm) 250mm 250mm 250mm 250mm
Motor Power(KW/HP) 2.2-4KW 5.5-7.5KW 11KW 22KW
Machine Size(mm) 2200×2700×1300mm 2300×2800×1300mm 2500×3100×1500mm 2500×3100×1500mm
Weight(kg) 1600kg-3300kg 4300kg-7600kg 9500kg-13000kg 15000kg-33000kg


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