Postcard Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine

It is fits for cutting single or multi layer paper etc.It could such products as Paper Greeting Card,Greeting Card and Postcard,etc.

 Postcard Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine

Postcard Hydraulic Die Cutting Machine

1.There’re three choice of operation modes,Auto,semi-auto and manual. Operators can chose the operation mode which they need.
2.Adjusting the lifting position of traveling head press board freely ,to reduce idle travel and improve work efficiency.
3.Equipped with automatic lubricating system , save labor,reduce consumption and the wear of die cutting machine.
4.Operation’s speed is high ,can save a lot of working time,and enhance efficiency.
5.The special specification can be customized.
Model GRM-25/30/40/50/80/100 GRD-25/30/40/50/80/100
Maximum cutting power(KN/TONS) 25/30/40/50/80/100 Tons 25/30/40/50/80/100 Tons
Cutting Table (1600-2500)×(500-1500mm) (1600-2500)×(500-1500mm)
Traveling head size(mm) (500mm-1500mm)×(500-1500mm) (500mm-1500mm)×(500-1500mm)
Max.Stroke(mm) 150mm 150mm
Motor Power(KW/HP) 2.2-5.5kw 2.2-5.5kw
Machine Dumensions(mm) 2200×620×2000mm or more 2200×620×2000mm or more
Weight(kg) 2300kg 2300kg



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